How to Get the Full Effect

How to Use Binaural Beats for the Full Effect

Step One

To achieve the full effect, it is important to ALWAYS USE HEADPHONES! By this I mean decent headphones, not your iPod headphones. The reason for this is that you must isolate each from hearing the frequency on the opposite channel. If speakers are used, the frequencies will blend in the air before they get to your ears, greatly reducing the effect.

Step Two

Relax. Dim or turn off the lights, maybe light candles/incense, smoke, or whatever else helps you relax.

Step Three

Clear your mind, the closer you are to a meditative state, the easier it will be for your brainwaves to align themselves.

Step Four

Begin listening to the binaural track of your choice at a medium volume. DO NOT play it too loud or your mind will become distracted and you may not achieve your desired state of altered consciousness.

Step Five

Enjoy the experience and set your mind free!

How it Works

Subsonic Binaural Brainwave Stimulation relies on inter-aural time differences to create the subsonic beats perceived by ones mind.


What Does This All Mean?

First we must understand these terms: Binaural, meaning “of two ears” and Subsonic, meaning “below sound”, or anything below the human auditory range, which is roughly 20Hz-20,000Hz. (1Hz or 1 Hertz = 1 cycle per second or 1 beat per second)


The process works when two pure tones of near exact frequency are played binaurally and simultaneously. The user must wear headphones in order to maintain complete separation of the pure tones. The brain essentially acts like a 2-channel Dj Mixer, mixing the two tones in your head. Your brain does this mathematically.


For example, if a pure 1000Hz tone is played on the left side and a 1500Hz tone is played on the right side, what your brain creates for the center channel is a 500Hz tone, 1500Hz – 1000Hz = 500Hz. This is well within the human auditory range, so it has no effect.


Now, if a 500Hz tone is played along with a 504Hz tone, the result is a 4Hz tone, well below our auditory range. This 4Hz tone is perceived as a 4 beat per second beat in your mind, and would correlate with the the Delta Brainwaves resulting in a powerful and proven  altered state of being!

What Are Binaural Beats?

What Are Binaural Beats?

You may be asking yourself, where is the science behind all of this?

Does it actually work?

In one word, YES.

Subsonic binaural stimulation occurs when two pure tones of near exact frequency are played simultaneously in each with complete separation. In other words, you MUST be using headphones to achieve the effect. The result is a subsonic beating that is created by YOUR brain, and NOT the music. Here in lies the true power of sonic mood enhancement; depending on the resulting subsonic frequency created by the interacting binaural tones, you can alter specific brainwaves and guide the brain into various states of brainwave activity.


Brainwave Synchronization

The use of our sonically enhanced MP3′s will influence functions of the brain ways other than those relating to hearing. The name of this phenomenon is frequency following response. When the user is exposed to frequencies closely match that of brainwaves, the brainwaves begin to synch themselves with the frequency of the stimulus. The frequencies of our brainwaves are below 40Hz, and there is no way to reproduce these sounds with ordinary speakers or headphones.

This is where the use of Binaural Beats come in, allowing your mind to create the subsonic frequencies required to synchronize your brainwaves. Each of our Binaural doses targets a specific brainwave group, either the Alpha, Beta, Delta, or Theta waves will be entrained to the proper frequency, resulting in the desired effect.

What are Binaural Beats? Using Sound Waves to to Control Brainwaves

For years, binaural beats have been of interest to people experimenting with brain control  Their perceived ability to manipulate behavior is almost unique in the scientific community.  But what are binaural beats?

What is a Binaural Beat?

A binaural beat is a perceived sound that arises when two different waves are played in each ear.  So, if if there is a 10 Hz difference in what each ear hears, the brain will hear a third frequency of 10 Hz.  Originally discovered in the 19th Century, binaural beats have gained popularity as a way to control your brain.

Brainwave Entrainment

As you think, your brain generates electromagnetic waves.  These waves get converted into voltage changes across your scalp.  There is some correlation between your mental state and what waves are being generated.  Alpha waves, for example, are are associated with a state of relaxation.


Using a technique called biofeedback, a person can be trained to enter a specific state, as measured by their brainwaves.  In biofeedback, a person is hooked up to an EEG machine which measures their brainwaves.  The person is then instructed to try and enter a specific state.  When the person is successful(whether it was through conscious effort or not), the person is rewarded.  If this training is repeated enough, a person can enter a given state on command.


Binaural beats have the ability to guide a person to a state.  It turns out that if the beats are synchronized with the frequency of the brainwaves, the brain will tend to follow any change in the binaural beat frequency.  So if you want to relax, you would match the brain then slowly decrease the frequency.

Using Binaural Beats

The key to a successful binaural beat is in getting the brain to follow the beat’s pattern.  If you are emanating 8 Hz waves and the binaural beat is at 20 Hz, your brain will not be entrained.  The difference is too great.  What is needed, then, is a steady rise or fall to the frequency you want.  That way, when the frequency matches that of your brain, it will be pulled along with it.


The ability to manipulate mental state has proven to be quite popular outside of the lab.  There are dozens of different pieces of software that utilize the phenomena, all claim the ability to control your mood and alertness level.

The Efficacy is Unknown

Brainwave entrainment with binaural beats is proven.  What is unknown, however, is what effect entrainment has on your cognition.  Brainwaves are not terribly well understood, and they are a simplification of all the electrical activity taking place in the brain as observed on your scalp.  So it could be that entraining your brain to a particular frequency has little effect.


Fortunately, you can give binaural beats a try with little difficulty.  A simple Google search will return dozens of products claiming to entrain your brain, some of which are even free.  So feel free to experiment with binaural beats.  Check for yourself whether they are effective.  Who knows, they might just change your life!